My husband and I and my 2 small kids were told to leave the hotel at 1:30 am by security for no reason there was a fight of some sort by other people we don't even know and some how we got caught up in it !!! Staff treated us like we did something wrong I went downstairs to get my pizza that i ordered for my family I was told to go to my room like I was 5 yrs old I am 35 years old with a family wanting our pizza !!! I told the lady I am not a child I don't need to be told go to go my room next thing I know security is at our door for no reason tell us we need to leave !! With our 7 yr old and 9 year old that were sleeping !!! I have never been treated this way in my life I would rather stay under a bridge with my family than at this place !!!

No to mention when I am checking out one of the staff member has the nerve to tell me to be quite really be quite when I'm being kicked out for no reason for what some other person did !!! Than I find out the guy who started everything the police let go and was comfortable sleeping in his room while we are out of a place to stay !! Oh and the pizza I ordered guess who ate it ??? Yes security and the staff our friends went back to get it and they were eating I hope it tastes vary well !!

Yolanda Hill

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